Vending Services Help Promote Healthy Vending Options for Schools

Childhood obesity is not only localized in Sacramento and Placer County areas. It is now a nationwide concern. If there is no action taken, they will be the first generation to be less healthy than their parents. That is why in the school year 2014-2015, all food in schools are now required to meet the nutritional standard. And, these include vending machines in schools [USDA Food and Nutrition Service].


Students now have an easy access to foods and beverages with vending. But, most products have high sugar, salt, and other food additives. Sadly, these tasty treats are one of the top reasons why kids at school are also unhealthy.


Good thing is, vending is now making its way to a healthy direction. It is still the same machine but it is now filled with healthy vending options. Now, is this type of vending services ideal for school vending needs? Let us learn why choosing healthy snacks is a better option than traditional vending.


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Take Advantage of Healthy Vending Services for School Vending Needs

Do you know that more than one-third of US adults are obese? Are you also aware that childhood obesity is also a serious problem in the United States?


Data shows that an estimated 24.9% US adults and 23.5% adolescents are obese in Sacramento Area in 2012 [UCLA Center for Health Policy Research]. This only means that obesity is epidemic.


Obesity rate continues to increase because of unhealthy lifestyle. Majority of the adults choose to buy traditional snacks due to busy work schedules. Also, young adults and children take out unhealthy foods in school vending machines. As a response to this concern, vending services with healthy vending options are now being offered.


Now, can it really provide a variety of healthy snacking alternatives in schools? Keep reading and know why you must opt for healthy snacks options on schools today.

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