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Vending Services Help Promote Healthy Vending Options for Schools

Childhood obesity is not only localized in Sacramento and Placer County areas. It is now a nationwide concern. If there is no action taken, they will be the first generation to be less healthy than their parents. That is why in the school year 2014-2015, all food in schools are now required to meet the nutritional standard. And, these include vending machines in schools [USDA Food and Nutrition Service].


Students now have an easy access to foods and beverages with vending. But, most products have high sugar, salt, and other food additives. Sadly, these tasty treats are one of the top reasons why kids at school are also unhealthy.


Good thing is, vending is now making its way to a healthy direction. It is still the same machine but it is now filled with healthy vending options. Now, is this type of vending services ideal for school vending needs? Let us learn why choosing healthy snacks is a better option than traditional vending.


How Healthy Vending Can Help Fight Childhood Obesity in Schools


Obesity is becoming prevalent in schools. In fact, the number of obese children in Sacramento alone continues to increase. One of the main reasons is that school vending machines are providing unhealthy snacks. From donuts to sodium-laced processed foods, these are triggering factors of obesity.


However, such kind of dilemma can be prevented. Or, perhaps, its prevalence rate may also be reduced. One quick solution is that traditional snacking options can be replaced with healthy alternatives. From granola bars to fruit cap juices, all these can be stocked in the same vending equipment. As a result, it can help fight childhood obesity in schools.


So, why schools should choose healthy options for school? What makes it different from traditional vending snacks? Let us make a comparison.


Traditional Snacks Versus Healthy Options for Schools


Students usually attend classes for long hours with high energy expenditure.. So, the only way to energize themselves is eating a lot of foods. But, their quickest way to get something to eat is through vending machines.


Traditional Snacks


Parents are often concerned about what their kids should eat at schools. Are they eating a bunch of salted chips? Did they eat the food you made for them? As parents, you can’t tell until they got home.


Of course, you know that schools have an array of vending equipment. But, what you didn’t know is that whether these machines are offering healthy foods or not. Typically, vending services in school only offer traditional snacks. Among these are sugar-coated flavor candies, shallow-fried chips, and sugary energy drinks.


In general, traditional snacks can either have too much sugar or too much salt. Thus, it is unhealthy.


Healthy Vending Options


Who says healthy eating is not possible in schools? A lot of vending service providers are now offering a wide range of healthy snacks. It is becoming a trend and now a regulation for schools. These vending snacks usually have refined sugar and/or salt with natural ingredients. Examples are yogurts, salads, sandwiches, smoothies, fresh milk and mineral waters.


What’s more, these healthy vending snacks have passed the nutritional standards. You can guarantee that your kids are eating the right nutrition in schools.


Discover Healthy Vending Snacks for School Vending Machines


No parent would want their kids to get sick and miss a day from  school. They also think of many ways on how to feed them healthily. Surely, Sacramento has a plenty of vending service providers for schools. So, for school administrators, stock your vending equipment with healthy snacks today.




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