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Smartvend offers nutritious options that come with free vending machine services. These snacks, beverages and other healthy food products will be housed in a state-of-the-art vending machine.


Our guaranteed vending delivery system senses the path where the food products, snacks or beverages will go down. If nothing will trigger on the laser sensors, customers can get their money back.


Whether your customers are looking for healthy vending choices, or more accessible school, gym or office snacks, we can provide it to the machine.



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We offer the best alternatives to vending services anywhere in the Sacramento and Placer counties. For all your office and snacks vending needs, our vending machines can accept Apple Pay, Google Wallet or in-cash.


With our wide selection of food and beverages, you’ll never feel short-changed. So, make the smart choice and contact us through this form to avail our vending machines today.


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