1. Is there a cost for the machine and vending services?

No. Vending equipments and services are FREE. We will maintain, repair, replace equipment if necessary and keep it clean at all times.

2. Who stocks the machine and how often?

We monitor(in the cloud),Stock and service the machine as often as needed. Usually once a week.

3. If we have an existing machine, can we still place a Smartvend machine?

it depends if you have a contract and its specifics. Most contracts are exclusive only to the point of “like minded” products. We can always design a menu of non competing items. Smartvend can offer all healthy options, or a 50/50 mix of healthy and traditional items.

4. How many machines can you provide in my location?

Few factors have to be considered. The volume of foot traffic daily at each location and competition from other vending machines at your location. Many large locations have multiple machines. If it’s justifiable, Smartvend would be happy to provide more than one.

5. Do we have to sign a contract?

Contracts are handled on an account by account basis. A basic agreement that outlines the program between you and Smartvend. It shoud be a win-win situation for both you and Smartvend. If it does not work out for any reason, we would be happy to move out the machine at no cost to you.

6. Are we provided with sales report each month?

We monitor the machine’s stock level and sales through wireless monitoring using cellphone technology. Sales report per category or item is available upon request.

7. Can we request specific products?

Yes. We would like to satisfy our consumers. We believe in providing a wide variety of healthy and traditional options not only to satisfy everyone’s taste buds but to encourage balanced vending as well.

8. How do we contact you if the machine is having a problem?

There are many ways. Consumers can use the Card reader’s LCD screen and tap the help button. They can then select the issue they are having at the time. It will then send the message to us about the problem and will try to resolve within 24 hours. You can also contact us through our website www.smartvendfoods.com and send us a message. We will also provide you an email and phone number to call.

9. Do you provide brand new machines?

In most cases yes. Depending on what is available. One thing for sure is that all machines will be clean and in an excellent working condition.


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