About Us

Smartvend offers state of the art vending machines with the highest quality technology. We provide vending services with healthy vending options in Sacramento and Placer county areas. We customize the machine’s menu to accommodate your snacking needs and preferences. And, with our wide selection of snacks and beverages, you will never run out of choices for both traditional and healthy alternatives.

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Smartvend is a proud member of National Automatic Merchandising Association.


About Smartvend: Helping Customers Eat Smart and Vend Smart


Smartvend provides snacks and beverage vending services. We provide vending machines for FREE. We stock and service the machines at no cost to you. Our machines come in two sizes: SV Junior and SV Jumbo. Limited space should never be a problem.


With Smartvend vending machines, your customers will get exactly what they want and when they want it.


Vending Services and Profit Sharing Program


All vending equipment and services are FREE. We will maintain, repair, and replace the equipment if necessary. We keep it clean all the time and monitor remotely to ensure adequate stock level. Service is usually done every week or as needed.


We offer a Profit Sharing program for vending in offices, schools or gyms in Sacramento and Placer county areas. Qualified locations can receive commissions on all products sold.


Healthy Snacks and Easy Payment Options for Your Customers


Our inventory includes healthy snack options aside from traditional vending snack items. It will be easier for consumers to stick on their diet plan. Keeping a healthy lifestyle will be at their fingertips.


Our machines accept all forms of payments as well as giving our customers with a user-friendly access to communicate directly to the operator. Whether it is Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Cash, or Card, we can provide customers with the convenience of accepting all forms of payment. This allows every single client to have a personal experience with our vending machines. We strive toward providing the best experience possible for all our customers.


Guaranteed Vending Delivery System


Both SV Junior and SV Jumbo are equipped with a guaranteed delivery sensor system. To make sure that buyers get their products or their money back. The machine has the ability to give refund automatically whether it’s cash, cards, or mobile transactions.


Get Started With Us Today


For any question, feel free to call us at 1-844-760-8363. Our friendly customer service representatives are standing by and will be glad to assist you.


Contact us and install SV Junior or SV Jumbo to your location today. Be smart. Eat Smart and Vend Smart.