Choose a Vending Service with Healthy Vending Options for Schools

Take Advantage of Healthy Vending Services for School Vending Needs

Do you know that more than one-third of US adults are obese? Are you also aware that childhood obesity is also a serious problem in the United States?


Data shows that an estimated 24.9% US adults and 23.5% adolescents are obese in Sacramento Area in 2012 [UCLA Center for Health Policy Research]. This only means that obesity is epidemic.


Obesity rate continues to increase because of unhealthy lifestyle. Majority of the adults choose to buy traditional snacks due to busy work schedules. Also, young adults and children take out unhealthy foods in school vending machines. As a response to this concern, vending services with healthy vending options are now being offered.


Now, can it really provide a variety of healthy snacking alternatives in schools? Keep reading and know why you must opt for healthy snacks options on schools today.


Why Opt for Vending Services with Healthy Vending Options for Schools


Active kids and growing teens will always love food. Most of the time, they tend to like greasy chips, sugar-coated candies, and sodas. These kinds of foods are one of the factors that can trigger obesity among children. And, these can be easily found or bought on school vending machines.


But, children and young adults can still buy these food products. To resolve this, vending machines must be stocked with healthy food options. In this way, these children cannot buy unhealthy food products.


Healthy snacking is a great way to supply the needed nutrients they miss during mealtimes. It also helps prevent overeating as it can be a part of their health eating plan. So, what benefit can they get from these? Take a look at the following details.


Advantages of Healthy Vending Services for School Vending Needs


Imagine a school with vending equipment lining up the hallway. But, would it not be great for students get healthy food from these machines? Here are some of its advantages and benefits.


Access to Healthier Food Options


Traditional vending foods don’t have the nutrients to nourish a students’ health. But, a variety of healthy food alternatives can give access to a better eating lifestyle. Thus, it can create a positive change for the school as well.


Compliment to their Meals


The time interval between meals can be long. Sitting in classrooms for longer hours without food can lose their focus to learn. So, the element of snacking must come to play then. And, providing them with these options is the best practice to implement in school.


Simple and Convenient


Vending technologies today are more advanced and sophisticated. Students don’t have to fall in line and wait for their turn to get their food. Some vending equipment have a touchscreen interface where the nutrition facts are displayed. And, this allows students to send communications to the operators if ever they have issues with the machine such as items getting stuck or they require refunds, etc.


A Fix for Health Problems


Of course, these options do not make them an ill-free individuals. But, it is a good way to start a healthy lifestyle at a young age. Hence, it lessens triggering factors that may harm their health more.


Setup Vending Machine Services with Healthy Vending Options Today


Students should be conscious of their health. They must know that eating nutritious foods can give them a lot of benefits. But, the problem is, they have lack of access and proximity of healthy choices.


So, it would be ideal to put up healthy foods vending. So, start vending smart and eat smart on your school. Contact a reliable vending service provider on your area today.




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