Choosing a Guaranteed Vend Technology for Vending Machines

Opt for Vending Services with Guaranteed Vend Sensor Technology

There is now a shift moving towards healthier lifestyles as more customers are getting conscious of their health. As part of this trend, consumers are looking for better food alternatives.


Because of this, Smartvend vending services offer healthy snacking options in the offices, schools, gyms and public places. Its food options offer customers with a wide selection of delicious yet healthy products.


Aside from this, our vending machines have the Guaranteed Vend Sensor Technology. By using this technology, our vending equipment ensure that the food item is dispensed properly or the customer’s money is refunded.


Guaranteed Vend Sensor Technology from Smartvend Vending Services


One of the most annoying problems about vending is because of some failed purchases. There might be a chance for the food item you purchased could be stuck in the machine. It is a common issue plaguing the vending device for a long time.


Unfortunately, implementing new features in these machines might cause some errors to occur. Some of these errors include failed purchases. An example is where the product of choice would not dispense properly from the machine.


Thankfully, Smartvend vending services have a guaranteed vend technology on these machines. The sensors can detect if the purchased item drops. It refunds the purchaser’s money if the sensor cannot detect the correctly purchased item. In addition, the vending equipment may have several features that give significant benefits over traditional vending.


Benefits of Choosing Smartvend Vending Services to Any Location


Most vending machines now have a guaranteed vending system. It also houses several features that make it easier for customers to purchase their food.


Accepts Many Payment Platforms


An increasing number of consumers opt to pay for their purchases using credit cards, debit cards and online wallets. Vending machines can now allow customers to purchase food using their credit cards and online wallets. This removes the issue of unreadable paper money or lack of compatible change prevalent in traditional vending devices.


Contacts the Operator Easily


If the machine breaks down, it might take a few days before the vending service operator is even aware of the issue. Now, a vending equipment has a touchscreen interface which can connect directly to the machine operator. This makes the process of addressing any issue the machine to be resolved faster.


Displays Nutrition Facts


For health conscious individuals, knowing the calorie count of their purchased food is of utmost importance. Some machines are able to display nutrition facts of a product before it can be purchased by the customer. This allows consumers to make the correct choice for their food needs.


Install Vending Devices with Guaranteed Vend Sensor Technology


The shift to healthy lifestyles means that more customers are choosing to eat healthy foods. With this, consumers can access delicious and nutritious food from vending. So, contact us today to stock these machines with healthy food products.



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